Independence Day projects

Must be something in the American air… To celebrate American independence and industry… I was inspired to make:

Adapted manufactured pattern… A feat of sewing for an amateur like me… I’ve impressed myself with the level of care and detail that went into this… The real story of patience and willpower is on the inside… Seams had been sewn only to be ripped apart to adjust the fit, seams that did not exist on the pattern were added on… and without a serger I had to finish all the raw edges by hand.. I really tried to avoid hand sewing but alas.. It was inevitable… I wanted it to withstand wash and wear.

Birthday gift #wouch

Deconstructed shopping bag turned origami gift-wrap

Clearly I have a thing for black and white


Zip it

It’s been a while my zipper friend— thought I’d challenge myself and make this zippered pouch—Zouch! for a birthday gift 🙂

Fully lined and monogrammed (not shown).




WOUCH! Step one to done

Update: This project is now posted on Burdastyle! (c) 2013 CanvasWorkshop / slopeofaverticalline

Outer fabric dimensions: 8.5″ X 12″

Lining: 8.5″x 9.5″

Pin one side and sew 1/2″ from edge (seam allowance)

Sew other side after pinning (1/2″ seam allowance)

Fold 3.5″ inward from the seam; pin as needed; should look like a ‘W’ from the side


Sew one side from top to bottom (1/2″ seam allowance)

On the opposite, begin sewing about 2″ down from the top where the top points of the ‘W’ meet (must leave an opening for turning the wouch inside out later)


The hardest step: turning it inside out. Grab the farthest corner from inside and carefully twist and pull through the opening.


Home stretch: handstitch opening shut (slip stitch)

Mark where buttons should go and attach buttons

Turn the wouch inside out to sew the bottom corners/ adds depth


Finished and ready for work/ use it to hold sunglasses, cosmetics, pens/markers, etc.




A study of bag construction with hidden seams:

First attempt– Created a wallet/pouch #wouch! using French seams— My goal was to make a fully lined bag but struggled to figure out how to sew both the lining and the outer fabric together without resulting in visible seams inside– I realized that by turning the bottom half inwards, I could later turn the bag inside out through a small opening (pictures in an upcoming post!!!). Experimented with an edge-to-edge sticky back Velcro closure…

Second attempt– Did away with a few unnecessary steps (French seams no longer needed!) and tried a shorter sticky back Velcro closure– but it was not stable enough or a good permanent solution. I did not want to hand-sew Velcro or put my machine through the stress of it. So I eventually switched to snaps– a great suggestion from my friend. I think I was reluctant to do too much hand-sewing but sometimes there’s no easy way around it!


I’ve been making lots of these to give away and I’m happy friends are responding positively 🙂 Bonus for me is that my method  improves with each one and I get to try out different fabric combinations— but I think I’ll always be a canvas kind of girl though!

#canvasworkshop is in session.