Finding myself

    Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

I want to understand how my mind works and functions— it’s VERY difficult to explain– what motivates oneself and why one acts the way one does… The answers are never clear– Zen is just as intangible and yet attainable. The stories within sometimes read like riddles with no apparent resolution and leave me pondering, revisiting, dissecting each sentence looking for some meaning— and isn’t that just what I do to everything that happens in my life? Always trying to find meaning where perhaps there is none.


Serge it

This Thursday I took an Intro class where I finally laid my eager hands on a SERGER. It was the last frontier for me as far learning how to sew; I envision myself now capable of making just about anything— something as seemingly simple as a T-shirt requires serging to be properly constructed and achieve that store-bought quality.
Knit fabrics, I am will be ready for you when time comes because alas, the greatest impedance to any venture is always cost. I’ve been told a serger with all the necessary functions (e.g coverstitch – needed for hemming knit garments primarily) will cost ~$800+?

Here is what I made in that class– a PILLOW!! All serged up and stuffed like a goose.