A study of bag construction with hidden seams:

First attempt– Created a wallet/pouch #wouch! using French seams— My goal was to make a fully lined bag but struggled to figure out how to sew both the lining and the outer fabric together without resulting in visible seams inside– I realized that by turning the bottom half inwards, I could later turn the bag inside out through a small opening (pictures in an upcoming post!!!). Experimented with an edge-to-edge sticky back Velcro closure…

Second attempt– Did away with a few unnecessary steps (French seams no longer needed!) and tried a shorter sticky back Velcro closure– but it was not stable enough or a good permanent solution. I did not want to hand-sew Velcro or put my machine through the stress of it. So I eventually switched to snaps– a great suggestion from my friend. I think I was reluctant to do too much hand-sewing but sometimes there’s no easy way around it!


I’ve been making lots of these to give away and I’m happy friends are responding positively 🙂 Bonus for me is that my method  improves with each one and I get to try out different fabric combinations— but I think I’ll always be a canvas kind of girl though!

#canvasworkshop is in session.


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